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About CBT 4 CBT

CBT is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a scientifically proven form of therapy that has been demonstrated to be effective for many problems, including depression, anxiety, smoking, and substance use.

  • CBT teaches skills and strategies that are useful in changing behaviors. CBT uses an easy to learn set of strategies to help people (1) understand the situations that lead them to undesirable thoughts, feelings, or behaviors; (2) to avoid those situations when possible, and (3) to deal more effectively with such situations when they occur. The above strategies help people to think differently and respond differently to recurring situations, with the goal of breaking old patterns of responses and replacing them with new ways of responding.
  • Like learning anything, CBT takes practice. People who practice CBT skills in their everyday lives tend to be more effective in changing how one responds to recurring situations.

Learn more about CBT here.

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