CBT4CBT is the acronym for Computer-Based Training for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It is a web-based program that teaches a variety of skills to help people reduce substance abuse. Training lessons include understanding patterns of substance use, learning to recognize and deal with craving, addressing thoughts about substance use that can set you up to use, how to effectively say ‘No’ to offers of alcohol or drugs, and how to be more aware of patterns of thinking and decision making that can lead to drug use. The seven training modules use a range of formats and techniques including graphic illustrations, games, videotaped examples, questions to consider, verbal instructions, audio voiceovers, interactive assessments, and practice exercises. The overall approach is to make the experience engaging and interactive. Each module or content area takes about one hour to complete and users typically complete one module per week. Users can choose the order of topics they wish, and work at their own pace for completion.

Therapist who use of the modules as an adjunct to their practice, may wish to refer to additional information about CBT including the CBT manual available the National Institute on Drug Abuse.